Experiencing Purposed Existence

When preparing to travel, we anxiously seek out all of the details that are required to fully enjoy the trip. Typically, the destination becomes the moment when we experience the joy and happiness in our travel; we eagerly await the landing point. During the prolonged drive, we tend to keep ourselves busy and distracted to waste time. We intentionally rush the process of the journey while waiting to arrive. Are you just going through the motions in your everyday life? Do you find yourself trying to merely survive in every moment? You were made not to just simply survive, but to thrive in God’s purpose throughout your life. Moreover, when we encounter a sudden halt in traffic, we become agitated and impatient; this stop has delayed the process. Have you ever thought that the delay may be for your protection? We are in such a hurry to reach the location, that we failed to realize we were being spared from unpredicted danger. We dislike pauses in our journey; therefore, we learn to simply exist in order to survive that moment of uncertainty and stillness.

There will be times when it all feels too much, so you simply live disconnected to the world and those around you. However, God did not create you to solely exist without purpose and vision. You will eventually get up from that moment. You were meant to prosper and hold a purposed space in this world. Your pain and heartache that is causing you to detach yourself can be met with breakthrough. There is more that God wants and requires of your life. Constantly trying to sever those uncomfortable moments cannot cause synchronization with all that God has for you. You have missed the significance of the drive if you are solely living to reach the destination. Without going through the noise and hardships of life, you miss the focal point of the purpose that God is applying in your journey. The destination is beneficial, but the grace that held you through becomes the heart of the matter. The strength and stability you have come to know through the navigation is what God will use to amplify you. The evidence of the importance regarding your journey will be used for your good.

You were never meant to become friends with survival mode. You have become acclimated with the version of you trying to get through. You have mentally put up a roadblock so that you can only survive. That version cannot coincide with the actual version of what God knows about you. Let God reform your resistance to experiencing the journey. What happened to you cannot stop the will of God in your life. There is absolute purpose in your existence. You were designed to flourish and multiply in the assignments that will lead you to your destination. You do not have to live in a stuck mentality. When you find yourself disengaged in the process, begin to pray for engagement in everything that you are going through. Those moments will become the roadmap to the end point. You can experience purposed existence. The details in the journey matter to God. Even in your times of refraining from life, there is purpose in that season—stay in it. When you reach those stuck in traffic moments, will you tap into what God is doing in that season? Make connection to God’s word in those moments. The road ahead may look overwhelming, but God is already there. Your journey is not in vain. Your existence in this very moment is an essential part and purpose toward your destination.

“Then He said to them all: “Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow Me.” -Luke 9:23

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.” -Psalm 32:8

“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” -Psalm 119:50

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