Purposeful Pieces

Finding purpose in everyday pieces.

Purposeful Pieces


Atmosphere of Overflow

“God never runs out of more.” -CeCe Winans God desires to increase everything that comes to you. The fruitful character of God produces overflow in every single aspect of our lives. When it feels like you are faced with insufficient and barren conditions, Jesus provides the resources that you require. The Holy Spirit will meet you right where you are. An atmosphere of overflow will take place when His abundance encounters your needs. Matthew 14:16-21 shows us the prime example of the…

More Than

Whatever you may be experiencing in this season—you are more than this moment. It may feel like you are perpetually stuck in a motionless cycle of life. You are becoming defined by the labels and badges that others have placed upon you. You are more than how people see you. Do not let this moment become overshadowed by the thoughts and emotions that you are enduring today. You are than what you are feeling right now. A moment means that this will…

The Patterns of Promise

The patterns of life are a substantial part of our schedules and habits everyday. Patterns help us to find a sense of security and comfort in the world around us. Did you know that God uses patterns in your life as well? The patterns of God consist of His faithfulness to us. If we closely pay attention—there are pertinent matters that God desires our observance; He consistently applies patterns throughout our circumstances. There is disclosure and anointing in the crafting of the…

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