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  • Pulling Through Resistance

    In your childhood or young adult years you have probably played a game of tug-of-war. We know the goal of tug-of-war is to keep tugging the rope with your team until one side passes the centerline. During the game, there are moments of deep resistance that you will experience as you are pulling the rope.… Read more

  • The Word is Your Weapon

    As we journey through our everyday trials and tribulations, we must fight our battles with the word of God. There are so many things that are actively trying to pull us away from the voice of God: the crippling fear and anxiety that the enemy understands and uses to leave us defeated, the comparison and… Read more

  • The Sacrifice In Our Purpose

    “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.” -Luke 12:48 When purpose meets faith, it is an unstoppable force with the Holy Spirit. As we seek the will of God for our lives, sacrifice is required… Read more

  • A Reactive Revelation

    Often times when we are in the thick of our circumstances, we can become blinded and overwhelmed by what is happening. We become discouraged when we do not feel God move or working. God is reactive to our problems and doubts. He does not idly stand by and wait for you to figure it out… Read more

  • He Goes Before Me

    He goes before you. The anticipation that looms over us, can cause us to jump ahead and fear. Naturally, we desire to know the answers and solutions beforehand. Have you ever taken a test and turned the pages to the end to see how many questions are left? Have you ever skipped through to the… Read more

  • In the Stillness

    You have done everything. You have prayed, begged and petitioned for God to move for you or on someone else’s behalf. You are left with more questions than answers. You cannot feel God move despite your faith and prayers. Be assured that when you get tired, God will lead you beside the still waters. The… Read more

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