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  • Courageous Things

    Our fears and doubts can easily take over our lives. From our day-to-day circumstances and operations, our wavering emotions and thoughts can leave us crippled. Instead of pondering in the apprehension of the uncertainties—we are meant to function in courage. We can be firm and fearless in the life that we have been called to… Read more

  • The Transitional Area

    From point A to point B; from one season to the next—the transitional period can be hard to navigate. The transition to something new can leave us in a vulnerable place. Our surroundings become shaken by the obscurity and the unknown. The things that were once familiar to us are now a distant memory. The… Read more

  • Redefining Past Outcomes

    What if a closed door opens for you in this season? What if that moment of impossibility turns in your favor? What if things start to work out for you? You have been afraid to make decisions and choices based upon repeated outcomes. You have chosen to give up on future opportunities because of bad… Read more

  • Through the Disappointment

    The disappointment hurts. You expected an answer to the questions you had been so desperately seeking from God. The shortcoming of that situation was painful. You worked so hard to only be met with a close door. The no you received was discouraging. You prayed that God would turn the circumstances around in your favor.… Read more

  • Uncovering Acceptance

    Everything about you in this moment is unique. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God had in mind all of your future fails and faults, and still chose you as the one to fulfill the assignment. God still picked you for the blessing and healing. God accepts everything that you are. Whatever you see as… Read more

  • Until Fruition

    There will be days you will have to show up from a place of pain. There will be times you will have to abide from a stressful place. You will have to keep pressing through until you see the fruition of what you are waiting for God to execute. In spite of your emotions and… Read more

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