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  • A Steward of Seasons

    Life has a great way of grabbing our attention at times. Sometimes we can find ourselves so overwhelmed by the bigger picture, that we forget the things that are right in front of us. If you are focused on finishing an entire list of things to do for the year, then you may miss the… Read more

  • While I Am

    Even though I see no change, my trust remains in You. While I am in the middle of the chaos, You are the stillness within my soul. You are my faith, even though I am walking by sight. While I am still finding my way, You are the way. Even in my sorrow and sadness,… Read more

  • Unraveled

    When a sweater becomes unraveled it is considered unwearable. While that sweater is in the state of being unraveled, it is exposed and vulnerable. The tear is visible to the naked eye. You have to take precaution in order for the unraveled piece to not come all the way undone. As long as that sweater… Read more

  • An Endless Love

    When you feel like you have disconnected yourself from God, you can always reconnect to His source. When the pain of life has caused you to withdraw from His presence, you can always rekindle your relationship with Him. When the busyness of life around you causes separation, you can always find a renewal of your… Read more

  • Courageous Things

    Our fears and doubts can easily take over our lives. From our day-to-day circumstances and operations, our wavering emotions and thoughts can leave us crippled. Instead of pondering in the apprehension of the uncertainties—we are meant to function in courage. We can be firm and fearless in the life that we have been called to… Read more

  • The Transitional Area

    From point A to point B; from one season to the next—the transitional period can be hard to navigate. The transition to something new can leave us in a vulnerable place. Our surroundings become shaken by the obscurity and the unknown. The things that were once familiar to us are now a distant memory. The… Read more

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