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  • The Power of Influence

    You are influential in every single thing that you do. You can make the decision to use your influence for good things. God has given you the power to impact those around you. You have been called to make a difference. Someone can be influenced by your language and how you speak to others. Someone… Read more

  • Made for Workmanship

    Maybe you are known as a writer, teacher, student, activist, social worker, or journalist; often, we are associated by our career and personal titles throughout life. We are known and called by our works. Navigating in this can produce great things; however, God can simultaneously create space for other purposes attached to your name. When… Read more

  • Faith Check-in

    Just as we desire to check-in with a friend or loved one, God also desires to hear from you. This season may simply present itself as a time to sit and reflect on the current stance of your heart. As we move through the hectic nature of this world, finding the time for a check-in… Read more

  • Painting the Details

    A painter’s work is often admired and established by particular aesthetics and details that make their painting unique. Every piece that has been crafted carries something distinctive that individualizes each painting from the rest. Just like that rare artwork, your life has been created and outlined with specifics in mind. God is the artist behind… Read more

  • Atmosphere of Overflow

    “God never runs out of more.” -CeCe Winans God desires to increase everything that comes to you. The fruitful character of God produces overflow in every single aspect of our lives. When it feels like you are faced with insufficient and barren conditions, Jesus provides the resources that you require. The Holy Spirit will meet… Read more

  • More Than

    Whatever you may be experiencing in this season—you are more than this moment. It may feel like you are perpetually stuck in a motionless cycle of life. You are becoming defined by the labels and badges that others have placed upon you. You are more than how people see you. Do not let this moment… Read more

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