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  • Speak Into the Atmosphere

    When we are in a season of expectation, one of the greatest things we can do is speak into our situation. Speak healing into your body. Speak boldness into your walk with God. Speak those things into the atmosphere. There is power in our tongue. Use that for good, and speak to the things that… Read more

  • Be the Light

    We are living in very uncertain and unpredictable times. Everyone is going through their own trials and struggles each and everyday. We should try to be a light to everyone that we may come across. You have no idea what people are going through daily. Give grace and light to whomever may cross your path… Read more

  • Our Faith and Works

    Having faith is pleasing to God. If you are in expectancy of something from Him, having faith is great. Sometimes the Lord will pour out His blessings to you because of His faithfulness. Other times, when God has given us a message or a calling we have to put works behind our faith. If God… Read more

  • The World Says, but God Prevails

    The world is constantly feeding us this idea that we should be accomplishing certain standards by a particular time. The world taunts us with feelings of shame and failure when we do not live up to its expectations. The world greets us with guilt when we do not keep up with the pace of life.… Read more

  • Broken, but Healed

    “You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” -Sophia Bush This quote always comes to mind when thinking of brokenness and healing. Even though the two are polar opposites of one another, is it possible to have them co-exist with one another? Yes. This life here on earth is… Read more

  • The Power of our Testimony

    Never be ashamed of what you have been through. What you have been through is going to be your breakthrough. The things that happened to you will become a roadmap for someone else’s story. There is so much power in our testimonies. While you are in that storm, or when you get to the other… Read more

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