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  • The Calling

    Each one of us has gifts and talents that the Lord has made available to us. Whether you are a singer, writer, author, teacher or an athlete—you have a gift. That gift is not only used for your good, but also for the good of those around you. We use our gifts for the up… Read more

  • Stay the Course

    At this very point in time, you may find yourself struggling. Struggling with feelings of inadequacy, fear, hurt, pain and loss. You may be going back and forth with yourself wondering is this worth it. This is your confirmation to not quit. Do not give up. It hurts. It seems like no one can feel… Read more

  • Through It All

    Seasons come and go. Seasons change and stay the same. Life is full of ever-changing circumstances. During the highs and lows it may seem like things are unstable, but through it all we serve a God that is unmovable. Through it all, not some of it, but through it all. He is there during the… Read more

  • A Sweet Surrender

    God is here, waiting for you to lay it all at His feet. The act of true trust is complete surrender. Surrender to things you worry about. Surrender to the things that trouble your heart. Surrender to things that cause you pain. He is waiting for you to completely trust Him. That sweet surrender. Completely… Read more

  • Speak Into the Atmosphere

    When we are in a season of expectation, one of the greatest things we can do is speak into our situation. Speak healing into your body. Speak boldness into your walk with God. Speak those things into the atmosphere. There is power in our tongue. Use that for good, and speak to the things that… Read more

  • Be the Light

    We are living in very uncertain and unpredictable times. Everyone is going through their own trials and struggles each and everyday. We should try to be a light to everyone that we may come across. You have no idea what people are going through daily. Give grace and light to whomever may cross your path… Read more

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