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  • First, Turn to God

    When we come across life’s burdens and hardships it is easy to get overwhelmed by what is going on in your world. During these times, we turn to others for prayer and encouragement. This is a wonderful thing because we are made to uphold and lean on one another. The word says, “For where two… Read more

  • Still Good

    What you are in the midst of batting may seem hopeless right now. You feel bound by your circumstances. You can’t see past the pain. Your struggle feels so heavy. Through the uncertainty; God is still good. Even in the chaos of life, He is still good. God is still working miracles on your behalf.… Read more

  • The Process of Preparation

    When we truly turn our hearts and desires over to God, He will take you through a process to prepare you. That process is not to hurt you or harm you, but instead to strengthen you. He wants us to fully rely on Him for everything in our lives. That process is molding and shaping… Read more

  • Trust Fall

    You are so precious to the Father. He wants each and every single one of us to bask in His glory. God is simply asking us to trust Him. Not ourselves, not our loved ones, but Him. God wants us to trust Him with our full-being. After all, He is the one who created us.… Read more

  • An Appointed Time

    You have been waiting, praying, crying and preparing. God sees you. He sees your frustrations and tears. He knows exactly what is on your heart. The thing you are praying for seems far from view. In spite of, keep waiting on God’s appointed time. That time is never early and never late— it is always… Read more

  • Shift Your Focus

    The world that we wake up to each and everyday can feel hopeless at times. Like many people, you have probably found yourself overwhelmed with personal struggles, seeing friends and family go through their darkest days, and hearing the awful things happening day by day on the news. This alone is enough to make us… Read more

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