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  • Spoken in the Silence

    Life continually and constantly pulls us in many directions. It feels like we are living each day on an automatic mode. Do you know that even through the chaos of our day God desires to speak to us? Even in the midst of our all-consuming tasks God wants your attention. There are things He wants… Read more

  • Predestined Position

    Everything that has happened to you has not been by coincidence or accident. God has predestined you for the position that you are in right now. God has prepared you for this very moment. Your current position in life has been carved out by God. He has already given you all of the tools and… Read more

  • Given Identity

    As we go through life, it is easy to put on the identities that we are given. Whether someone has given you an identity or you have given yourself that identity; anything that is not spoken from God is not your identity. You may be going through hard times, but your identity in Him is… Read more

  • Field of Expectancy

    The times that we are facing can sometimes cause us to feel stagnant or stuck, like nothing will ever change. You that you have the power to change your mindset. Start each day with the Lord. You can expect God to do marvelous and miraculous things in your life. He is working on your behalf… Read more

  • After Season

    The season you are in now may feel hopeless. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything happening. Hang on, because your after is going to show you that the disappointment, hurt, and pain was worth it. You can’t see past right now. It feels like you are going in circles trying to find that peace. Hold… Read more

  • Unfinished

    You may be worried about a million things right now. Life is rough, and you are feeling helpless. You are questioning the things that God has placed in your heart because of the circumstances surrounding you. You feel restless because you know deep in your heart that there is more. He has not forgotten about… Read more

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