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  • Through Closed Doors

    When God opens doors in our lives it is an absolutely beautiful thing. We see our prayers and sometimes unexpected prayers come to fruition, but also through closed doors we see God’s protection and love. Think about the last time you may have been discouraged because you were dealt with a closed door. Typically, we… Read more

  • Faithful in the Little Things

    You may be in a position where you are wondering if God’s plans are far in view. You are thinking maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe time has passed me up. It may look like a dry season for you right now, but be encouraged that God is looking at you right now. He is… Read more

  • An Encounter with Grief

    “I’m so sorry for your loss.” I’m sure if you have been dealt with the cards of grief you’ve probably heard this phrase many times before. This is typically the beginning of the grief process. I want this to serve as a reminder and give you hope as you go through this somber time. You… Read more

  • The Release

    You have been holding on for so long. You have been trying your best to keep moving uphill. What you have not realized is all of the baggage you are carrying behind: those burdens, hurt, pain, betrayal, bitterness, sadness, and inadequacy are dragging you down. Release it to God. You have been trying to do… Read more

  • Guard Your Heart

    In this world, there are going to be distractions, ill intentions towards you and doubt thrown your way. In this, we must learn to guard our hearts. Guarding your heart means protecting your spirit from those things and people that are sent to disrupt your faith. There will be people that will bring doubt to… Read more

  • An Unconventional Doing

    When we are following God through these unusual times, we must remain focused on Him. When God has a word, an assignment or a blessing for you to encourage someone, just know that He is going to use you in a major way. When He wants His words to touch someone through you, He will… Read more

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