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  • Cultivating Your Environment

    According to Merriam-Webster the definition of Cul•ti•vate is—-“To prepare or prepare and use for the raising of crops.” Also, “To foster the growth of.” What we plant in our environment has a direct affect on how we behave and how we view life around us. You cannot expect flowers to grow if you are not… Read more

  • Suffering in Consecutive Adversities

    Blow after blow after blow; knocked down to the ground. You find yourself wondering if you even have the strength or will to get back up again and fight. You may be in a season right now where life keeps hitting you with consecutive adversities. Back-to-back downfalls. It hurts. It stings. It does not feel… Read more

  • A Matter of Hope

    All of the things that we have to endure in our lives will sometimes cause us to lose hope. If you look at something dear to you that did not happen, or when the cycle of life keeps hitting you with despair; it is hard to remain hopeful. Changing the narrative will help you to… Read more

  • Connecting to God’s Voice

    We learn everyday that communication is extremely important for maintaining relationships in life. Being in communication with one another helps us to acquire information that is valuable to our everyday lives. Equivalent to God, He has information pertaining to you that He wants to share with you, but if our lines are essentially closed off… Read more

  • The Designated Details

    Every single piece of your life is part of a bigger picture. Every little detail that you experience throughout your life has meaning and purpose. The details matter. Everything that you went through served an important role in your story. The details are designated only for you. You may think that the specifics are insignificant,… Read more

  • Approaching Crossroads

    Life has probably taken you through some crossroads in order to reach your destination. Some crossroads are easier to get through than others. Some can make us feel as if we can potentially make the wrong turn. Crossroads can often turn into a pivotal point. You can choose left or right. Which way will have… Read more

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