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  • An Intentional Yes

    It is easy to say yes to everything in a world where we are trained to give our agreement with matters that are happening around us. We are called to be intentional with what we say yes to. There is power in what you choose to give your time and resources to. We are not… Read more

  • Prepare Me For What I am Praying for, God.

    Whatever you are praying about in this season, be encouraged that it is happening. Though things in the physical have not yet changed, there is something moving in the atmosphere. Your prayers are going to shake down the walls of doubt and unbelief. While you are waiting, ask God to help you prepare for what… Read more

  • Working For Good

    In this season and moment of your life, recognize that everything has worked for your good. We can appreciate that not some things, or just the beneficial things—but everything is working for our good. We often equate results and open doors as good things, but what happens when we go through the impossibility and barrenness… Read more

  • The Finishing Momentum

    “The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” -Ecclesiastics 7:8 For a runner, the ending of a race is the most difficult and important part. The finish line bears the testament of a runner’s race. The ending signifies how sufficiently and adequately the runner ran that race.… Read more

  • Leading with Empathy

    Leading with empathy is a very important part of our everyday lives. Exhibiting our sensitivity to those around us, displays the nature of the Holy Spirit. Jesus revealed His compassion as He walked throughout the land healing the sick and dying. He had compassion for those who were suffering and in sorrow. We all have… Read more

  • Never Too Late

    You may have experienced your dreams and hopes deferred by life’s circumstances. Maybe you have felt the sorrow of time quietly passing you by each day. Maybe you have encountered expired and exhausted efforts to make a long awaited dream come to pass. In this season, God is giving you a new song. You can… Read more

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