A Reactive Revelation

Often times when we are in the thick of our circumstances, we can become blinded and overwhelmed by what is happening. We become discouraged when we do not feel God move or working. God is reactive to our problems and doubts. He does not idly stand by and wait for you to figure it out or leave you while you are going through the fire. God is with you in the furnace in real-time. Even though He already knows what is going to happen to you, the Holy Spirit activates right then and there to help you. He gives you a reactive revelation in all things. God is responsive to your pain. He is responsive to your worry. He is responsive to your needs. Although, God reveals to us future insight and promises, He is instinctive and intuitive into what is happening now in this season. Throughout the Bible, the Holy Spirit’s instructions were reactive to what was occurring in that moment. Jesus was very intentional with His response to what was taking place in the lives of His people. The language of the Holy Spirit is always present tense. The commandments, instructions, direction and teachings of Jesus was spoken in present time. He was reactive to the life around Him. It paints a picture for us to imagine God instantly sitting next to us whispering His words of encouragement. His words help us become aware that He is present in our time of trouble. He will give you peace. He will go before you. He will never leave you. He will guide your steps. His language helps us to acknowledge and understand that He is a reactive God. He recognizes and intercedes in all of our moments in life. His omnipresence allows us to have direct access to Him. God is responsive to your circumstances.

While Peter began to drown, Jesus caught Him. While Daniel was in the lions den, God sent an angel to shut the mouths of the lions. While in the wilderness, God sends Moses and Joshua to help the Israelites to the promised land. While in the depths of depression and despair, Elijah was given rest and solace by God. While David was up against a literal giant, God gave Him the faith to fight Goliath. The woman with the issue of blood, touched the Hem of Jesus and instantly power left Him. He knew in that moment someone had touched Him. It happened immediately and Jesus reacted to the woman’s plea. She was instantly healed. The Holy Spirit responded with a reactive revelation to all of these situations. God did not wait until their pain was over to react. He did not sit silently and watch. He was not passive to their pain and suffering. Even though God may not respond when you feel He should—He is responsive in His appointed time. In this season, look for the active Hand of God. While you are in the middle of the difficulties of this world, God is with you. He cares so much about you and what you are experiencing. Between the little and big things, He is diligently, actively and fervently working and moving for you. He is responding to the things we cannot see each and everyday. His active motions and signs will guide you. The effectiveness of His power lies within you. Jesus will speak, heal and lead you in this moment, just like He did with those who encountered life with Him everyday. He is sending you reactive revelation, insight and strength to pull you through. Wait for His response, it is coming to you.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” -Psalm 46:1

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