An Intentional Yes

It is easy to say yes to everything in a world where we are trained to give our agreement with matters that are happening around us. We are called to be intentional with what we say yes to. There is power in what you choose to give your time and resources to. We are not called to every project, gathering, invitation or place; being deliberate in your steps will allow you to not collide with something or someone that is not for you. We can always seek the will of God in everything—not just the extremely important situations, but the things that may seem small to us. God is in all things with you. The yes you give in your environment can lead you toward the fruits of God’s nature or further away. Abiding intentionally as we go throughout our day will always be worth the investment.

It is ok not to say yes to every opportunity or person that may come your way. Your yes is sacred. We can be mindful of what we are accepting and permitting into our surroundings. Our yes should be guided by the Holy Spirit. Do not let your yes be given to everyone and everything, but God. The boundaries of what we choose to affirm exist for a reason. Jesus was even careful and aware of what was around Him because He knew the people. We can build our boundaries from the word. Everything that looks good does not have the grace of Jesus upon it. Leading by God’s discernment will help you to narrow down decisions and opportunities. We are meant to root matters in Jesus, and not in the patterns of this world. You are not less than because you did not say yes. You are not unworthy of great things because you were not in agreement over something in your surroundings. Weigh the outcome of situation around you, and ask yourself: Is this something that is beneficial for me? Is this something that I can represent my faith in God with? If I give my yes to this, will this deplete and empty me of everything I have to give? We have a sound mind to make decisions grounded in what we know about ourselves and God.

Be intentional to what you give your time and efforts toward. Nothing should completely compromise or change what you are worth according to a yes. Maybe this season is made for you to better decipher how you will use your yes for good. You may encounter moments of frustration or even sadness by not giving your yes to everything and everyone, but God sees you. Maybe you are just learning to say no to the things that do not align with what you feel—that is ok. There is power in your no. Stand on what you know to be true. Not every yes is for us. God will never let a connection, opportunity or gathering bypass you if it was not meant for you. Trust God’s guidance in the process. When we are established in Jesus, we can acquire intentionally when it comes to what we say yes to. You will not miss something that was never intended for you through your no. Let your yes spring from the wisdom and purpose of God.

“I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive.” -1 Corinthians 10:23

“But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for He knew all people. He did not need any testimony about mankind, for He knew what was in each person.” -John 2:24-25

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  1. Beautiful for the day. I so enjoy your writings. God continue to bless you 🙏

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