In All Things

It is easy to find yourself in a position of questioning some of your life choices. You may wonder why did this happen a particular way? Why did I make that certain decision? Why did I waste so much time doing this thing? Although, these are all valid questions from our thoughts—maybe it all was for your good. Maybe all of the downfalls happened for a reason. Maybe all of the trials happened so you could come to know joy. All things work together for our good. Even the moments that you may have felt were missed opportunities—it was for your good. Nothing happens by coincidence or accident. Even the minor assignments occur for a reason.

That mistake that keeps haunting you, will become your testimony. God has a beautiful way of turning your mistakes for your good. In wrong decisions, He is still there making provisions for you. That decision will be used for your good. Our God specializes in turning around what is desolate in our lives. It may feel like everything is falling apart, in the midst; it is all working for your good. All things. Just as all of the great moments in your life work together, so do the heartbreaking, saddening and painful moments. In those unpleasant moments, the good can be very hard to find. But maybe that dreadful moment allowed you to quit that horrible job. Maybe that hopeless time led you to leave that relationship. Those bad moments also led you to the freedom and joy that you are walking in now. All things are working together for you. We may not understand why situations unfold in the way that they do, but we can be assured that Jesus is there in those moments with us. Much of the time, we are naturally blinded to recognize the good in moments of our insecurities, failures, confusion and impatience. You may not see the good in a situation right now, but eventually you will see how that one moment led you to the beauty of what you are experiencing now. All things work together. God is for you; everything is working for your good.

God is never going to leave you. Every step has His goodness written all over it, even in your pain, sorrow and heartache. All things are working together. In all of the excitement and celebration and in all of the despair; it ultimately works in our favor. Everything that has happened to you has happened for you. It has all happened for your purpose. Maybe that wrong turn led you to meeting the person that you are with now. Maybe that failed test established you to a successful career path. Maybe that missed opportunity became a starting point for your own company. Maybe that moment of pain unlocked a new level of your relationship with God. Even in the wilderness, His goodness remains for you. All things work together for our good.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” Romans 8:18

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.” -Proverbs 3:5

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